WildGrace is a digital-first strategy, design and develop-ment studio.

We empower female founded companies, that want to redefine their brands, craft meaningful digital experiences and scale their businesses through technology. We live at the intersection of creativity and technology and we use our collective and diverse experiences to help clients bring their ideas and stories to life.

The world is changing at an ever-accelerating pace, bringing new technologies, applications, and creative possibilities. WildGrace was founded in 2017 by Savannah Ryan with the mindset to explore the impact these changes are bringing to daily life.

At WildGrace, we build brands with heart, soul and digital backbone. We’ve created scalable digital infrastructure and seamless brand experiences for clients like Makari, ALTOUR, CogGevity, Clearista.

From product naming to launch platforms and more, we help you craft a brand that’s direct-to-consumer focused, scalable and intuitive designs for ecommerce clients. We are a collective of thoughtful, inspired women working together to redefine good design. That means our playful, fresh approach makes us the go to agency to craft your brand, your story, and the experience you deliver to consumers.

Our Values


Bring out your brand’s full potential with bold strategies and attractive copies designed to turn heads and drop jaws. When it comes to being wild or graceful, we believe in both.


Branding has the power to make us laugh, cry, and feel; to see stars, connect, and commit. At Wild Grace, we love writing the beautiful and strong narratives that brings your brand to life.


Your brand is like our baby, and we want to help it grow. Our team works closely with you, to foster authentic growth and genuine results through a natural and engaging experience.


A great brand starts with a great story, a strong message, and an excellent team dedicated to both. With the sky as our only limit, we help your brand reach its greatest potential with creativity, empowerment, and grace.
Dedication to brand excellence is at the heart of our team's mission. We thrive on the art of collaboration, partnering closely with clients to manifest their visions into reality. Whether your brand is in its infancy, yearning for a strategic repositioning, or steeped in heritage, our digital solutions are here to propel your journey forward. Our expertise lies in breathing life into direct-to-consumer brands, transforming aspirations into achievements.
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