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savannah ryan

Savannah Ryan is a profoundly dedicated parallel entrepreneur, creative innovator, and digital marketing strategist based in Los Angeles, CA. She is a passionate self-starter whom colleagues describe as both warm and fierce, and someone who thrives off of risk and reward.

At the young age of 15, Savannah became a cheer and dance coach for hundreds of girls in the underserved communities of Oxnard, CA. This experience opened her eyes to the world of leadership, and instilled in her an undissolving passion for coaching and championing joy and confidence in others. Cheerleading also taught her teamwork, commitment, effective communication skills, and a powerful work ethic, laying the groundwork for the strong and capable leader she is today.

Another pivotal experience dear to Savannah’s heart happened on the set of the Sony Pictures TV Series Shark Tank in 2014, where she worked as the Executive Assistant to the Sharks for multiple seasons. One day, Shark and producer Lori Greiner sat down with Savannah and told her, “Promise me one thing, never, and I mean never, feel you don’t deserve a seat at a table full of men; and trust me, you’ll find yourself there a lot in the world of business. You are worthy of that seat and you are just as smart and capable as they are. Don’t be intimidated. Hold your power, find your grace, and be you!”

Throughout her work on the show, Savannah developed relationships with the Sharks and often picked their brains about business. This opportunity was instrumental in her journey to becoming a female entrepreneur and something she brought with her when she entered the tech industry later that year.

As the new Executive Assistant to the CEO of Kalon Global Group, Inc. in 2014, Savannah became a critical component to the operation, growth, and success of the world-leading digital development company. In this demanding, fast-paced position for the Central Hub for digital innovation in Europe, managing the personal and professional agendas of the CEO was just the tip of the iceberg.

Savannah functioned as the primary point of contact for all internal and external constituencies, liaison between management, supervisor of special projects, and coordinator for executive outreach and external relations. She further cultivated the corporation’s existing relationships and outreach strategies. while following up with the CEO’s new contacts, strengthening the presence and broadening the footprint of Kalon Global Group, Inc.

When the technical team at Kalon had to redirect their attention to new projects, Savannah stepped in as Tech Support, working closely with the McDonald's owner-operated and Co-Op manager clientele. She was responsible for troubleshooting any issues the client’s personal store websites developed by Kalon via were experiencing.

In 2016, with her accumulation of experience and industrious nature, Savannah took a bold leap toward her dream of bringing Storytale Marketing to life. As Founder, CEO, and supervisor of her own team of specialists, the business rapidly flourished, generating a revenue of over $250k in the first year with a 15% year-over-year growth rate. The full-service marketing agency works with Fortune 500 Corporations as well as small businesses in all capacities, to build, define, and refine their marketing strategies and campaigns from the ground up. These methods promote exponential growth and visibility for the clients, strengthening Storytale’s dedication to the long-lasting success a brand's purpose and identity brings to the table.

In its four years of expansion and success, Storytale Marketing has worked with businesses across a wide range of industries including some very high-impact causes. Blacklight Surgical, for example, is reinventing the course of breast cancer treatment with their novel laser technology and advanced biochemical imaging. Results that once took five days to generate can now be collected in the same room in under five minutes; an unprecedented initiative Storytale is proud to be a part of.

Other innovative enterprises Savannah’s agency has helped market and promote include but are not limited to: Nanotech Energy, the company responsible for revolutionizing the way we power the world by leveraging the 21st-century’s “wonder material” (graphene); Hydrophilix’s patented plastic coating designed to prevent pathogens from adhering to implantable medical devices and biofilm growth in water treatment plants; the Blockchain Innovators Summit organized for the leading experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency, secondary markets trading of digital assets, AI, edge-computing, big data, and other emerging technologies; and the world-leading luxury travel management companies ALTOUR International and ENTERTRAVEL, who boast unrivaled, highly-personalized expertise in the leisure, lifestyle, corporate, entertainment, VIP, and production travel space.

Please note: Storytale Marketing will be rebranding as WILD GRACE in the first quarter of 2021 to better encompass the company’s graceful yet relentless push toward impeccable results.

WILD GRACE will continue to offer the following specialized services essential to boasting a powerful brand identity and digital presence: digital marketing, branding, UX, UI, website development, web design, graphic design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, online reputation management for celebrities and high-profile CEOs, and copywriting.

One of Savannah’s greatest initiatives is to build and support female-owned and operated businesses by vouching for inclusivity across the board. While society has made huge strides toward workplace equality over the past century, there still exists a significant gender-gap that women continue to face today, particularly in the tech industry. Google, for example, has a female workforce of just 33%, while Facebook’s female workforce is even less at only 23%. Rewind a few decades to between 1980 and 2010, when 88% of information technology patents were being created by male-only teams, and just 2% by female-only teams. Not only was the technology intended for a widely diverse population being developed by a homogeneous group, but this same group (the patent holders) were far more likely to receive VC funding, not to mention it was these early technologies that laid the framework for future innovations; further perpetuating the male-dominated business model.

Fast-forward to 2020 where women make up roughly half of the labor force yet only hold 25% of tech jobs (even less than in the 80s) and occupy just a little over one-third of managerial positions. This year we saw a “record-high” number of women CEOs make the Fortune 500 list (37), which still only equates to a very slim 7.4%. And while this reality is beyond troubling from an equality standpoint alone, it also means these industries aren’t doing nearly as well as they could be, where women-led companies have historically performed three times better than those led by men and a diverse workforce proves vital to optimal innovation, critical problem-solving, and overall enhanced performance.

Taking all of this into consideration, this is where Savannah leads by example, when in the first half of 2020 she became the CEO and Co-Founder of the new remote software development company: GoFasti. Balancing these new roles at a start-up moving at lightspeed, Savannah works in close partnership with the other two Co-Founders and is involved in all aspects of the company. The mission of GoFasti is to independently source and provide small businesses with world-class software developers from across Brazil and the US at competitive prices. They function on the philosophy that it’s just as much about people as it is technology, and that facilitating those big ideas to scale their client’s success exponentially is best achieved with a team that’s by your side and ahead of the curve every step of the way.

One of Savannah’s favorite aspects of running her own company is sitting down with new clients, laying out the big picture, and tapping into the “why” and “how” they got started. As a CEO she particularly enjoys connecting with her team and finds the progress and forward movement of the clients’ businesses immensely rewarding. Savannah approaches entrepreneurship with legacy in mind, the sense of purpose that helps her stay focused on using her creativity to uplift the creativity in others.

She spends her spare time reading inspirational novels, exploring her local farmer’s market, hiking, singing, songwriting, and playing tennis with her father, and looks forward to traveling the world, learning French and piano, and creating a powerful non-profit to help end Human Trafficking.

Savannah has grown exponentially as a person on her life-long journey of self-discovery, professional successes and pitfalls, and ceaseless quest for knowledge, and leaves us with these words:

“There’s who you are and what you do, but the true core of your brand, and I think the center of your life, rests in the answer to why.

An inclusive list of Savannah Ryan’s skills and specialties are as follows:

Building remote teams, online reputation management for celebrities and high-profile CEOs, social media coaching, social media marketing, email marketing, marketing consulting, full digital marketing strategy, key messaging, scaling ideas, branding, leveraging contacts, public speaking, positioning/repositioning brands and taking them to market, master delegator, website development, web and graphic design, UX, UI, and search engine optimization.

Dedication to brand excellence is at the heart of our team's mission. We thrive on the art of collaboration, partnering closely with clients to manifest their visions into reality. Whether your brand is in its infancy, yearning for a strategic repositioning, or steeped in heritage, our digital solutions are here to propel your journey forward. Our expertise lies in breathing life into direct-to-consumer brands, transforming aspirations into achievements.
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